What are the best hotels in Monaco?

The best hotels in Monaco

Finding affordable hotels in Monaco is not easy. So researching all the possibilities so that you can sleep in Monaco and if you can do it without spending a fortune it is in the Hotel de Paris or the Hermitage Hotel.

The principality is mainly inhabited by wealthy residents of high economic status and rich tourists, the rest visit Monaco during the day but live in nearby Nice or other cities.

Tourists with even smaller budgets even stay in Italy. However, they all leave the principality enchanted, because Monaco’s attractions have something to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

But, if the traveller wants to stay in Monaco for a few days and feel the exclusive atmosphere of the principality, then there are some of the hotels where you can, depending on your budget, get accommodation.

Which are the best hotels in Monaco?

There are mainly luxury hotels that are located in Monaco. These include, for example, the Hotel de Paris, which is next to the casino, or just 100 meters away, the Hermitage Hotel.

There is also the Metropole Monte-Carlo and the Fairmont, which pass unnoticed the well-known and very tight curve of the Monaco F1 race. However, closer to the French border is the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort. All of them offer accommodation in the prestigious district of Monte Carlo.

To this list of expensive and well known hotels in Monaco we can also add the Port Palace overlooking the Port Hercules, and the Le Meridien Beach Plaza right on Larvotto beach.

Accommodation in both facilities for one night ranges from 168 to 461 euros, including promotional offers and booking at least 3 months in advance. It is also worth adding, however, that the promotional price at Le Meridien Beach Plaza was reduced by up to 30%, and it is a 4-star hotel.

What are the best hotels in Monaco?

Cheap hotels in Monaco for tourists on a budget

There are several places that may be of interest but you must remember that, the average price per night will be much higher than, for example, in Nice. The first one is the Monaco Apartment, which is located next to the French city of Beausoleil.

You can choose between a small studio with a sea view, a two-room apartment, or a three-room apartment. It is not a hotel, but private apartments converted into tourist facilities. The price per night starts at 98 euros. However, there are many more such offers on the Costa Azul.

The second place is a 2-star hotel in the centre of Monaco, which is the Hotel de France. Its location is perfect, because it is almost at the foot of the hill of the Old City, next to the square with the market, and only 5 minutes walk from the port.

The hotel is right next to the train station. The cheapest accommodation you can find in this area is 115 euros per night. Just 100 meters from this property there is another hotel that should be considered for a night in Monaco. This is the Hotel Ambassador-Monaco. This property has 3 stars, and the cheapest accommodation that can be found here is 130 euros per night.

You should also check out the Hotel Columbus Monte Carlo, because despite the name, it is in the Fontvieille district, but it is a very nice area. It’s a 3 star hotel with a private pool, and prices per night start from 160 euros with promotion, so it’s not the cheapest. However, it is a hotel with a good level, and many rich people live in the neighborhood.

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