Restaurants in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, located in the Principality of Monaco, has become synonymous with hedonism, excess, opulence and refinement. While the population of the area is only 3,500, Monte Carlo is home to some of the best restaurants in the world.

Restaurant Joel Robuchon Monte-Carlo

The restaurant was opened in 2004, and was the first in the Principality. The interior is rich and welcoming, with red furniture that gives the space a sense of calm and refinement.

The open kitchen in the Teppanyaki style allows customers to see how their food is cooked with skill. The richness of the aesthetics can only be compared to the high quality of the culinary experience.

The restaurant’s chef takes the lead, with a discovery menu that offers a multi-course taste party. Especially noteworthy is the quail stuffed with foie gras and a divine truffled and caramelized mashed potato.

The Vistamar

For one of the best views of Monte Carlo, go down to Le Vistamar, where the chef prepares delicious original dishes with water-food. The restaurant has a large terrace that offers unspoiled views of the sparkling Mediterranean while the visitor takes an aperitif.

The fish offered is very fresh, with an excellent choice from the varied menu, which has the blue lobster dish, served with sparkling garden peas, caramelized pearl onions, and bathed in a fine foam infused with smoked duck breast.

To accompany the salty food, a spicy wine can be enjoyed by the glass from the restaurant’s huge and heady wine menu.

Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse

To book a table at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant Monégasque, Le Louis XV is to enter a fantastic world of elegant grandeur and culinary perfection.  The dining space in this restaurant is very elegant. The clean, white interior is decorated with cascading chandeliers juxtaposed against a dramatic center of sturdy foliage, and crisp white flowers, all tastefully entwined.

All the clocks stop at 12 o’clock as a reminder to the frequenters that they must languish in the moment, and savour every glorious morsel. An excellent dish on the menu le Pour les Gourmets is the succulent guinea fowl of the Landes, cooked over a wood fire and served with revolving mushrooms and romaine lettuce.

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