What are the most important places in MonteCarlo?

Popular Places in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, one of the most glamorous and brilliant places on earth, is only two square kilometers in size. Monte Carlo, Monaco, is complemented by a beautiful deep blue sea, exotic flowers, palm trees, and Le Rocher (The Rock), a dramatic hill overlooking the Mediterranean.

Monte Carlo is not considered one of the best destinations for travel with children. This is understandable since the city has become internationally famous for its casinos and adult nightlife entertainment.

However, there are interesting cultural and entertainment venues in Monte Carlo, a visit that can excite the whole family, with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco being one such venue.

However, it is not only the natural beauty that makes the second smallest country in the world so seductive. In this beautiful country you can find extravagance, all design, luxury, and wealth. Monaco is not a member of the European Union, but you won’t notice it when you visit.

Likewise, there are no formalities at the border with France and the Monegasques use the Euro. You can pack your bags for the warm weather and hedonistic holidays in sunny and opulent Monaco.

Interesting places to visit in MonteCarlo

One of the places to visit in MonteCarlo and that can be done with children and family is the oceanographic museum, which is distinguished by its impressive design. There is a giant aquarium with many colorful fish and an interesting room with skeletons and models of prehistoric marine animals.

It is allowed to touch some exhibits, being fun for the children, who love to do it. Once the tour is over, visitors are encouraged to go up to the roof of the building and enjoy the views of the city from the observation deck.

What are the most important places in MonteCarlo?

The Japanese Gardens

Travelers, who enjoy walking in quiet, picturesque places, simply cannot help but fall in love with the Japanese Gardens. It is an incredibly beautiful Japanese-inspired garden, with several exotic plants, numerous benches, and summer houses, beautiful walkways and bridges that are perfect for walking.

There is a traditional fish pond that is like a magnet for children. The park is suitable for relaxing even on a rainy day as there is a special covered pavilion.

St. Nicholas Cathedral 

This is a relatively modern construction, what can give it more value are the relics of the Holy Devote and the tombs of Gracia and Rainier. Compared to any cathedral in neighboring France and Italy, it looks more like an expensive neighborhood church. Therefore, this cathedral is another place to visit because of its proximity to the palace. Several visitors describe this temple of Romanesque design and marble facade as a quiet and beautiful place.

MonteCarlo Casino Square

There are always tourists, well-dressed people and high-class cars in this place. The casino has a dress code and an entry fee must be paid, foreigners must present their passport or other identification to enter.

This casino was established in the 19th century with the purpose of saving the Grimaldi family from bankruptcy. At that time Monaco did not have the infrastructure to cater to tourism, however, the plan worked.

Today, the Casino de Montecarlo attracts high rollers with a variety of games including roulette, baccarat and slot machines. At this casino, luxury can be seen everywhere and tourists will want to stay longer, if they have enough money to spend.

Opera of MonteCarlo

This building, located in a beautiful area of the city, has a beautiful architecture and was completely remodeled a few years ago. This place is another impressive building next to the Casino square, the place is at a short distance from the main hotels, besides that, the building fits very well with the casino building.

MonteCarlo Port

Puerto MonteCarlo is another place where the rich and famous dock their beautiful and expensive yachts. This port can receive up to 500 boats in the middle of a beautiful space. Here you can enjoy and relax in the café that is located on the shore of the dock and from there enjoy the beautiful view of these glamorous and spectacular yachts.

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